NANO Alumnus Ajin Madhavan and colleagues published the following article in the Regional Studies n Marine Sciences:

First barcode of Ryphila cancellus (Herbst, 1783), from the southwest coast of India

Madhavan, A. et al. (2019) Regional Studies in Marine Sciences, DOI 10.1016/j.rsma.2019.100910


Ryphila cancellus (Herbst, 1783), belonging to the family Leucosiidae has very unique morphological characteristics compared with the other crab families. They are distributed along the intertidal regions of Indo-pacific and prefer soft-bottom sandy beaches with gentle wave action. Due to very subtle morphological differences with other genera in the same family, identification based on the taxonomical examination alone is quite challenging. In the present study, a detailed morphological examination and DNA barcoding has been performed. The amplified mitochondrial CO1 gene of the crab specimens were sequenced and the obtained sequences were deposited in the Genbank. The neighbour-joining and distance matrix tree revealed the relationship between relative genera. The CO1 gene sequence divergence of Ryphila cancellus with other related groups ranged from 0.1712 to 0.9.


  • Ryphila cancellus;
  • Sandy shore;
  • Morphological identification;
  • DNA barcoding;
  • Southwest coast

Link for the publication here

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