NANO alumnus publication: The transverse dynamics of flow in a tidal channel within a greater strait


NANO Alum Maziar Khosravi and co-authors published the following article in the Journal Ocean Dynamics

The transverse dynamics of flow in a tidal channel within a greater strait

Khosravi et al. (2017) Ocean Dynamics,  pp. 1-16, DOI



Vessel-mounted ADCP measurements were conducted to describe the transverse structure of flow between the two headland tips in Khuran Channel, south of Iran (26° 45′ N), where the highest tidal velocities in spring tides were ~ 1.8 m/s. Current profiles were obtained using a 614.4 kHz TRDI WorkHorse Broadband ADCP over nine repetitions of three cross-channel transects during one semidiurnal tidal cycle. The 2.2-km-long transects ran north/south across the channel. A least-square fit to semidiurnal, quarter-diurnal, and sixth diurnal harmonics was used to separate the tidal signals from the observed flow. Spatial gradients showed that the greatest lateral shears and convergences were found over the northern channel and near the northern headland tip due to very sharp bathymetric changes in this area. Contrary to the historical assumption, the across-channel momentum balance in the Khuran Channel was ageostrophic. The current study represents one of the few examples reported where the lateral friction influences the across-channel momentum balance.



  • Khuran Channel
  • Persian gulf
  • Tidal currents
  • Momentum balance
  • Strait of Hormuz


Link for the publication here


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