The IOC and IAEA is proud to announce the publication of IOC Manuals & Guides no 59

 This manual is intended as an introduction to basic analytical techniques that can be applied when designing a standard sampling protocol for both planktonic and benthic microalgae (and associated environmental conditions) and vectors of biotoxins (shellfish and fish). This standardization of methods will enable more robust data comparisons between countries and will yield improved risk assessments of potentially toxic HABs events.

 This Manual is a joint product of the IAEA and the IOC of UNESCO. The IAEA and the IOC express their profound gratitude to the highly committed editors Beatriz Reguera (Spain), Rosalba Alonso (Mexico), Ángel Moreira (Cuba), Silvia Méndez (Uruguay),  who  also  contributed  as  authors;  to  the  expert  authors  that  prepared the  original  manuscript  in  Spanish  and  the  updated  version  in  English:  and  to Laura-Victoria  Perdomo  and  Andrés-Leonardo  Malagón  (Colombia),  Jaime  Espinoza (El Salvador), and Leonel Carrillo (Guatemala) who revised the first (Spanish) edition; to Patricia Tester (USA) as a new co-author of chapter 3 in this second (English) edition, and to Mireille Chinain (French Polynesia) and Rachel Clausing (IAEA) who contributed with a new chapter 8 for this second edition.

 This  publication  was  funded  under  the  US  Peaceful  Use  Initiative  within  the framework  of  the  International  Atomic  Energy  Agency  (IAEA)  Technical Cooperation  Project  RAS7026  and  through  IOC  UNESCO  Regular  Programme  for the  Harmful Algal Bloom Programme. The International Atomic Energy Agency is grateful to the Government of the Principality of Monaco for the support provided to its Environment Laboratories.


 Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO

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