OOPC Series: Dialogues on Boundary Systems: #5: Gulf Stream – 06 October 2021, Online

Societal uses and environmental health of the coastal ocean are impacted by outflows from human activities on land and by coastal to open-ocean exchange at  the edge of the continental shelf, which is strongly influenced by energetic shelf-edge boundary currents. Boundary currents are also significant in global budgets of heat, freshwater and biogeochemical constituents, and are regions of strong air-sea interaction.

To provide guidance in its advocacy for a coordinated international approach to sustained observing to complement the global network, the Ocean Observations for Physics and Climate panel (OOPC) Boundary System Task Team (BSTT) is launching a Virtual Dialogue Series in an effort to promote GOOS activities in subtropical ocean boundary regions. The Virtual Dialogue Series will consist of a series of virtual meetings which aim to (1) derive knowledge from historically well- observed boundary current systems and mature observing systems, (2) engage the coastal-shelf, climate analysis and modelling communities to identify knowledge gaps and to inform observing system design and the synthesis of multi-platform observations and (3) discuss innovative approaches, including the potential of new technology, to observe ocean boundaries. The BSTT Virtual Dialogue Series aims to promote discussions on geographically and functionally diverse boundary current systems so that the knowledge gleaned can be used to inform across a wide range of boundary systems.

All Virtual Dialogue events and associated presentations will be recorded and shared publicly on the GOOS website. Outputs from the Virtual Dialogue Series will be used

to develop a synthesis of best ocean observing practices at ocean boundaries and provide guidance for both existing and planned sustained observing systems at ocean boundaries. The BSTT Virtual Dialogue Series should be of particular interest to ocean modellers, scientists or managers working in coastal or shelf regions of the world’s oceans.

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