Call for nomination of early-career scientists to participate as fellows in the nexus and transformative change assessments – 20 September 2021

Open: 9 August 2021
Closes: 20 September 2021 for individual nominations

Further to the call for nominations of experts for the nexus and the transformative change assessments (highlighted above) Governments and relevant institutions and organizations are also invited to nominate candidates to participate in the IPBES fellowship programme for the nexus and transformative change assessments.
The IPBES fellowship programme, which is part of a larger capacity-building portfolio of activities, targets early-career individuals who wish to gain experience by participating in the work of IPBES. Selected fellows will participate in the preparation of the chapter of the assessment for which they are selected, and their contribution acknowledged as part of the citation for that chapter. Fellows will attend author meetings and receive training to gain an in-depth understanding of the IPBES assessment processes and the science-policy interface. Fellows will also be paired up with a mentor for the assessment period.
Nominated early-career scientists should have multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary expertise, expertise in one or more disciplines of natural science, social science or the humanities, be indigenous and local knowledge experts or have expertise in indigenous and local knowledge systems. All nominees should have experience in working within interdisciplinary, international and/or global contexts.
Interested individuals are invited to submit applications by 20 September 2021; nominators (Governments or organizations) are invited to submit their nominations by 27 September 2021. More detailed information on the process of application and nomination can be found in notification EM/2021/19.
Please follow this procedure for nomination:

Nominators and Nominees will receive a confirmation via email once the nomination has been duly submitted.

The last day for individual applications is 20 September 2021. Nominations must be approved and submitted by EuroMarine before 27 September 2021. Early nominations ahead of the deadline are encouraged.

Further information about the Call here.

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