IOCCG Announcement: Protocols for Particulate Organic Matter Sampling and Measurement

The final version of the protocol document entitled “Particulate Organic Matter Sampling and Measurement Protocols: Consensus Towards Future Ocean Color Missions” is now available for download from the IOCCG website.  This document is the product of a NASA-supported workshop to produce community consensus protocols for sample collection, filtration, storage, analysis, and quality assurance for particulate organic carbon in all natural waters, emphasizing marine ecosystems, appropriate for satellite algorithm development and validation.

Given the close link between global cycles of carbon and nitrogen, and that current analytical protocols are usually geared towards their simultaneous measurement, recommendations for analysis of nitrogen in particles are also included. The hope is that the protocols presented here can be widely adopted by the academic scientific community engaged in aquatic C and N cycle research, particularly in activities that support ocean color validation

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