Release of GEOTRACES DOOR version 2

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the release of the version 2 of the GEOTRACES Data for Oceanic Research (DOoR) portal.

As you know, the DOoR portal is where you must register your data sets for intercalibration and potential inclusion in IDP2021 before 15 December 2020. You can access it using your ORCID at this link:

New features of the DOoR version 2 are:

  • It allows for both PIs and associated researchers such as students, postdocs, or technicians to register datasets and list all of the associated researchers (including the PI). You will specify your role (as PI or associated researcher) when you register a dataset.
  • If you are designated as the PI for a dataset (whether you have registered the dataset yourself or whether an associated researcher has registered the dataset and specified you as the PI) you can log into DOoR with your ORCID to view and modify all of the datasets for which you are the designated PI (to generate intercalibration and data templates, submit or resubmit S&I reports, give permission for data to appear in IDP2021, and provide publication DOIs).
  • Those scientists designated as associated researchers on any datasets can log into DOoR with their ORCID and view those datasets but they can only modify the datasets they have registered themselves.

For further information please find detailed documentation and links on the DOoR landing page, including a “how to” document and video guide.

Please find below the initial announcement of the GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2021 that includes more details about the data set registration, submission process and the new IDP2021 Fair Use Agreement.

Thanks to Elena Masferrer-Dodas, GEOTRACES Executive Officer, as well as, François André and Arnaud Mière, IT developers, for all the hard work in developing the GEOTRACES DOoR.

Best regards,

Bill Landing and Alessandro Tagliabue,
co-chairs of the GEOTRACES Data Management Committee


via SCOR
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