Blue Economy Conference at SEALOGY – 18 November 2021, Ferrara, Italy

In May 2021, the European Commission published a Communication for a Sustainable Blue Economy. It set forth a new approach, which fully embeds the blue economy into the  The Conference, organized by DG MARE in coordination with SEALOGY, builds on the EC’s Communication for a Sustainable Blue Economy and offers the opportunity to debate the importance of a sustainable blue economy to deliver climate resilient, healthy and productive ocean and seas in Europe. Moreover, it will highlight how such an approach is essential for achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal and how it complements other recent Commission initiatives on biodiversity, food, knowledge and more, ensuring a green and inclusive recovery from the pandemic.

EMB’s Executive Director, Sheila Heymans, will attend as a speaker during this conference.

For more information and registration, follow this link.

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