Free MOOC on Planning and Management of Marine and Coastal Areas

Planning and management of marine and coastal areas is recognized to be crucial to sustainable development worldwide. Its overview and state of implementation in the Mediterranean, through an ecosystem approach and targeted communication strategies, is provided by the Marine Ecomed MOOC on Planning and Management of Marine and Coastal Areas, which is now available until January 31st, 2022.

Lessons and good practice examples are given by academic institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) partners in the Marine Ecomed project, and target University students and early career professionals in the field of marine biology, spatial planning, urban planning, environmental management and related subjects. The course aims to provide participants with an overall knowledge of planning and management of marine and coastal areas, the principles, and approaches that can be adopted for its effective elaboration and implementation. Specific focus is addressed on available stakeholder engagement approaches and communication strategies to support planning and management of marine and coastal areas.

In a nutshell the course provides participants with:

• fundamental knowledge to understand how terrestrial planning deeply influences marine and coastal areas and vice-versa;
• further an understanding on the main aspects of marine and coastal planning and management and the main challenges and potential solutions for its effective implementation;
• knowledge on the main aspects and strategies adopted in citizens science and how these can support the implementation of spatial planning and management;
• detailed insight on good practice in the context of planning and management of marine and coastal areas through interactive classes delivered by the experts of the project partner institutions

The MOOC is freeself-paced with a time commitment of approximately 15 hours. It is possible to enroll at anytime until January 31st, 2022.

Details and enrolling link available here.

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