OBIS webinar on genetic data – 28 October 2021

Evidence based on molecular methods is becoming increasingly common as a source of data for the biodiversity community. To get the full benefit from this work, it is important that these datasets are comparable and accessible across projects.

Now it is possible to store and access occurrences from genetic data through OBIS and other biodiversity databases like GBIF and ALA. OBIS has incorporated the DNA derived data extension, a community standard for the storage of occurrences derived from genetic data.

To learn more about the Darwin Core extension, the metadata needed to store genetic data, and how this data can be accessed, join OBIS for a virtual webinar on Genetic data and OBIS. The OBIS secretariat will give an overview of the Darwin Core extension and guidelines, while the OBIS-USA node will give a practical view about the first eDNA dataset that was published to OBIS recently using the new data extension.

The agenda for the webinar is the following:

  • Introduction to metadata linked to genetic data and the DNA-derived data extension
  • Introduction to the first environmental DNA (eDNA) dataset in OBIS using the extension
  • Introduction to access genetic data in OBIS
  • Future plans for OBIS regarding genetic data
  • Q&A

This virtual webinar will take place on the 28 October 2021 at 17:00-18:30 CEST on zoom. To join, register with this link before the start of the event.

For further information, follow this link.

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