Do you know of any serious games for coastal and marine conservation, management, and adaptation?

So-called “serious games” are designed for purposes beyond just entertainment, and they can be a powerful tool for teaching, engaging stakeholders, conducting research, and evaluating public policy. In January 2020, OCTO’s The Skimmer newsletter compiled information about role-playing/simulation games that allow players to experiment with coastal and marine conservation, management, and adaptation actions (or inaction) to improve understanding of how coastal and marine ecosystems – particularly resource users and human communities – work.

OCTO is now in the process of updating and republishing this compilation. The current list of serious games is here. If you have additional games for them to consider, please send relevant information to They are looking for games with a management or conservation component (i.e., not solely focused on species identification or ecology.) Thank you for your assistance!

via OCTO
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