The International Ocean-Colour Coordinating Group (IOCCG) Announcement – August 2021

We would like to invite contributions to a special edition – Aquatic carbon stocks and fluxes: The big picture from remote sensing – to be published in Earth-Science Reviews.

This special issue will include both invited and contributed papers with topics covering carbon stocks and fluxes within a diversity of realms, including but not limited to, inland systems (lakes/rivers), tidal wetlands (marshes/mangroves), coastal and open oceans, polar regions, key interfaces (ocean/land/cryosphere/atmosphere), and from regional to global scales.  We invite review articles on what we’ve learned through remote sensing systems, which may also include in situ and/or modeling elements. A list of possible topics of interest is included below:

List of Specific Topics of Interest

1. Carbon sequestration/export
2. Carbon exchange across land/water interface
3. CO2 exchange across the air-water interface – the dissolved inorganic carbon budget
4. Dissolved organic carbon budget
5. Particulate carbon budget
a. Particulate organic carbon
b. Particulate inorganic carbon
6. In water volatile organic carbon budget and rates
7. Aquatic ecosystem to aerosol flux
8. Gross and net primary production
9. Aquatic respiration
10. Primary to secondary carbon transfer
11. Blue carbon
12. Anthropogenic elements of aquatic carbon
13. Future observational and modeling requirements
14. Disturbance/extreme events to the C cycle as seen from space (incl parameters across the board – e.g. DOC/POC, etc, and also in different systems).

Interested authors should submit a maximum 1-page letter of intent (LOI) of a proposed review article to the editorial board, which will then be evaluated by the board regarding scope and appropriateness for the special review issue. The LOI should include a title, an abstract, and potential authors, and should be sent to Chuanmin Hu ( and Laura Lorenzoni ( by August 1, 2021.

Once manuscripts are ready for submissions, authors should go to the submission website for this journal and select the name of the special issue when uploading the manuscripts: VSI:LorenzoniAquatic. This is important to ensure that all manuscripts are correctly identified for inclusion into the special issue.  Cover letters must also state this special issue.

Submission for all manuscripts is anticipated by March 2022, with all final acceptances done by December 2022. Papers will be published as and when accepted in regular issues, with the issue title and guest editors listed. Once the last paper is accepted, the articles will be collected into the Virtual Special Issue.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.

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