Satellite products for the Essential Climate Variables – Lakes

Satellite products for the ECV – Lakes

The ESA Lakes Climate Change Initiative (Lakes_cci) project team is happy to inform you that the first version (1.0) of merged satellite products is now accessible at:

This dataset contains global lake products for the following five thematic Essential Climate Variables (ECVs):

• Lake Water Level (LWL)
• Lake Water Extent (LWE)
• Lake Surface Water temperature (LSWT)
• Lake Ice Cover (LIC)
• Lake Water-Leaving Reflectance (LWLR)

Main Data characteristics:
• Spatial coverage: 250 lakes spread over the world
• Spatial resolution: Grid 1/120 degree
• Temporal resolution: Daily.
• 1 netCDF file per day containing all parameters
• Temporal coverage: From 1992 up to 2019 (shorter ranges for some parameters).

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