Call for Abstracts IMBIZO 6: Marine Biosphere Research: Buoyant Solutions for Ocean Sustainability – Deadline 16 August 2021

What are the IMBIZOs?

IMBIZO is the Zulu word for ‘a gathering’. IMBeR IMBIZOs are designed to address current research topics, facilitate transdisciplinary research, and provide assessments of current understanding and future research needs. IMBIZOs are held every second year, and are relatively small conferences (around 120 people) that consist of concurrent workshops, each of which considers an important research topic. In addition, plenary presentations provide overviews for each workshop, and cross-cutting activities and poster sessions allow integration across workshops. Discussion sessions of current knowledge help to identify key questions or hot topics to be addressed by the IMBeR research community.

IMBeR aims to promote and enable interdisciplinary marine research and governance to achieve improved prediction of, adaptation to and mitigation of global change, to transition towards ocean sustainability.

IMBIZO6 will follow the usual format with three concurrent but interacting workshops:


Workshop 1: Exploring potential marine options for climate intervention

Workshop 2: Lighting the ‘grey zone’: how can we integrate human dimensions in decadal-scale prediction systems?

Workshop 3: Ocean governance and climate adaptation: comparing responses, charting future courses


The topics to be addressed during IMBIZO6 will progress this aim and showcase the positive, ‘buoyant’ solutions for ocean sustainability being discussed and implemented throughout the world.

You can submit your abstract here

  • Deadline: 16 August
  • Your abstract must be uploaded as a Word file with 11 point Arial font.
  • Title
  • Author(s) (last name, first name). If there is more than one author, underline the name of the presenter.
  • The abstract should be between 250-300 words
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