Workshop on Policy & Advocacy for Sustainable Fisheries in the Mediterranean – 30 September – 01 October

Free online workshop. IUCN is organizing this two-day workshop essentially targeting regional NGOs and civil society organisations, to strengthen know-how for enhancing the role of biodiversity and sustainable fisheries to support commitments to targeted policy processes at regional an national level in the Mediterranean.

This interactive and practical workshop focuses on:
• Problem-setting, what and how to advocate, determine target audiences to generate change and stakeholder analysis to better set the right interactions
• Which aspects of the policy process to engage
• Identify the best use of resources to achieve goals and objectives
• Preparing communication policy briefs
• Creating tools and methods to influence others through clear and well thought out strategies and plans.

This workshop is conducted within the framework of MAVA Partnership Project

To register please send an e-mail to with a brief description of your interest to participate

More information can be found here

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