Copernicus Marine Service launches My Ocean

Dear user of the Copernicus Marine Service,

We are happy to introduce you to our new responsive viewer: My Ocean.
This new tool on our website portal is designed to let you discover the ocean and its different many facets. You can now interact with and explore the ocean’s blue (physical), green (biogeochemical), and white (sea ice) variables with this powerful, smooth, and fluid tool.

It allows anyone to display ocean data on a live map instantly:

  • in just one place and a few clicks,
  • by zooming on a region and panning on the map,
  • and by making point-and-click queries to visualise different time-series.

All the functionnalities are explained in the tutorial video below.

 Watch the tutorial video here
This fast, intuitive, detailed, and accurate ocean data visualisation application can be used by all communities across various sectors (citizens, policy makers, data scientists, business companies, startups, etc.)
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My Ocean provides dynamic visualisation giving users access to maps, charts, and local time series based on information generated by the Copernicus Marine Service. It does not require users to be well acquainted with the catalogue to be able to display a live map of the ocean.
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