Delegates met in Nairobi this week to negotiate a Global Plastics Treaty which should be in place by the end of 2024. States have already agreed on creating a legally binding agreement that covers the full extent of the plastics life cycle, and officials must now decide whether the treaty should allow countries to determine their own national commitments or whether a global standard should be implemented. It will also be decided whether plastic production should be limited altogether or whether measures should focus only on plastic waste management. The United Nations Environment Programme has described this forthcoming treaty as the most important since the Paris accord in 2015. Plastic waste is accelerating, projected to almost triple by 2060, with about half ending up in landfill and less than a fifth recycled, according to a 2022 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development report. Greenpeace is calling for a reduction of at least 75% of plastic production by 2040, in order to keep greenhouse gas emissions within a 1.5C scenario. Read more about this story here.

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