Material available from the 1st PORTWIMS Summer School at German High Sea Island Heligoland on Marine phytoplankton diversity observations: innovative methods and industrial applications

The coastal summer school 2019 was held from 28 June to 8 July 2019 to provide an interdisciplinary overview from topics related to the marine plankton diversity and methods of observation. The coastal summer school took place on Helgoland, a red sandstone rock of Helgoland which is a hotspot of biodiversity and Germany’s most offshore island. 16 young scientists from 9 nations visited Helgoland for 11 days to deepen their knowledge of coastal phytoplankton research focusing on observations and industrial applications.  Among them were seven students from the University Lisbon funded by PORTWIMS.

The summer school focused on the training of young scientists in techniques relevant to long-term in-situ and remote sensing observations of phytoplankton diversity and abundance detection as well as industrial applications of phytoplankton research related to microalgae biotechnology, aquaculture and bionics. The training will comprised a class room module at the guest scientist facilities on Heligoland and a practical module onboard the German RV Heincke in the German Bight. The school  encompassed lectures, exercises and practical work in classical microscopy, functional morphology, molecular and optical techniques and further training in long-term data analysis and archival, remote sensing data processing and knowledge on technology transfer with focus on blue economy, aquaculture and bionics for light weight constructions.

The coastal summer school was realized in cooperation with some of the leading national centers for coastal research in Germany: Leibniz Institute for Baltic Research Warnemünde, Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers). In 2019 the main supporting partner was the PORTWIMS project.

See below for links to presentations and training materials given at the summer school:

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