Sargassum Information Hub launched

Since 2011, large quantities of sargassum have overwhelmed beaches throughout the Atlantic, harming coastal ecosystems and the economies of coastal communities. Member states of the IOC Sub-Commission for the Caribbean and Adjacent Regions (IOCARIBE) requested facilitated networking with the sargassum community of practice, sargassum monitoring, guidance on best management practices for sargassum events, and a centralized location for all this information.

GEO Blue Planet, IOCARIBE of IOC-UNESCO, Atlantos, and the Atlantic International Research (AIR) Center developed the Sargassum Information Hub to provide information about sargassum in the Tropical Atlantic, improve communication among stakeholders, and increase visibility of sargassum activities.

The Hub includes:

  • monitoring and forecasting of sargassum
  • sargassum management and a repository of Ocean Best Practices
  • ongoing research
  • upcoming and past events
  • news
  • registry and directory of sargassum-related organizations
  • registry and directory of sargassum-related experts COMING SOON

The Sargassum Information Hub is part of a larger project to support an integrated approach to monitor and forecast concentrations of sargassum based on publicly available data, such as satellite and in-situ data, from countries with open data sharing policies and promote best practices for managing and using sargassum.

The project objectives include:

  • Create a shared and open database for in-situ validation of satellite products and collect additional data submissions through a sargassum observational survey

  • LInk data products with forecasting services to improve and expand local sargassum inundation reports

  • Develop a basin-wide forecasting system to tackle possible observing gaps and indicate where long-term measurements need to take place to improve information products

  • Produce an integrated and multi-lingual guide on best practices for managing sargassum

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