SCOR Survey for Early Career Scientists in Oceanic Research

To all Early Career Scientists in Oceanic Research,
In 2018, the SCOR Executive Committee (EC) decided to incorporate an Early Career Scientist as one of the two co-opted members. This is a position that rotates in a two-years basis. The mission of this EC member is to reach out the broader early-career community and involve them in SCOR activities and projects.
SCOR has created an online survey aimed at gathering information that will facilitate the establishment of a network of networks, where all the early career marine scientists can be interconnected and together contribute to promote international cooperation in planning and conducting oceanographic research. Through this survey we are trying to pinpoint how SCOR can contribute in supporting the younger scientific community of marine scientists, and find the right channels to reach all the early career scientists associated someway to SCOR.
We would really appreciate if you could dedicate two minutes of your valuable time to fill this survey. Both SCOR and the early career scientists will benefit greatly from it.
Please feel free to forward this survey to other early career colleagues in ocean science. Wishing you all the best in your scientific careers, and good health in these difficult times.
Thanks and best regards,
Patricia Miloslavich
SCOR Executive Director
via SCOR
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