Survey on human–coral reef relationships in Pacific coastal communities

PhD student Mildred Kelokelo from the University of Newcastle, Australia, is seeking interested participants to document the connection between coral reefs and the communities that live near them across the Pacific region. Mildred’s research includes a voluntary survey that asks questions about the current coral restoration or reef management project in relation to site location, coral restoration/management methods used, the finances and threats involved, and provides opinions on the project. Coral reef project managers, government officials, consultants or individuals involved in coral reef restoration or coral reef management projects in the Pacific Region and Australia are invited to participate in this research. Understanding the connection between coastal communities and coral reefs provides important information to help inform coral reef management practices and support knowledge sharing between coral reef communities and coral reef managers. Interested participants can contact Mildred on should they be interested to participate or require more information about the research.

via UoN
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