GLODAPv2.2021 is released!

The Global Ocean Data Analysis Project (GLODAP) is a synthesis activity for ocean surface to bottom biogeochemical data collected through chemical analysis of water samples. The GLODAP data product is publicly available, discoverable, and citable.

GLODAPv2.2021 is an update of the previous version, with 43 additional cruises, extension of time coverage until 2020, and the inclusion of DOIs for each individual cruise. GLODAPv2.2021 includes measurements from more than 1.3 million water samples from the global oceans collected on 989 cruises. The data for the 12 core variables have undergone extensive quality control, especially systematic evaluation of bias. The data are available in two formats: (i) as submitted by the data originator but updated to WOCE exchange format and (ii) as a merged data product with adjustments applied to minimize bias.

Enjoy exploring GLODAPv2.2021 via !

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