Preannouncement of EuroMarine 2019 calls – DL for submission 31 May 19

The terms of EuroMarine 2019 calls were specified by the Steering Committee (SC) during its 31 Jan. 2019 meeting. These terms are outlined below, in advance of the actual launch of the call, with the purpose of letting scientists at EuroMarine member organisations start preparing applications and liaise with potential EuroMarine partners.

In 2019, as in 2018, two distinct calls will be organised. The final budget of the calls will be determined by the SC at a later stage based on EuroMarine final 2019 resources.

Call for proposals for FWS and WG

The eligible categories of activities that will be funded in 2019 include:

  • Foresight Workshops (‘horizon scanning’, FWS) – maximum funding: 7,500 €
  • EuroMarine Working Groups (WG) addressing strategic services or issues – maximum funding: 5,000 €

To be eligible:

  • FWS proposals should have a real foresight dimension and target a publication. While the call is open to any topics, the Steering Committee would welcome proposals addressing EuroMarine priorities, as defined in EuroMarine’s 2018 publication Ocean Frontiers for Sustainable Development Manifesto
  • WG proposals should reinforce the network and advance its strategy.

Proposals should involve at least three 2019 Full (paying) Member Organisations of EuroMarine, from at least two different countries. (Please refer to the provisional 2019 membership list and the corresponding list of General Assembly representatives, both attached to the present announcement, and do not hesitate to contact for any contact information).
Activities should preferably be carried out in 2020 and any exemption should be justified in the proposal.

The two sets of proposals corresponding to the above two categories will be reviewed separately using specific criteria and specific pools of EuroMarine referees. The EuroMarine Steering Committee will make final decisions.
Pending the 2019 call launch, please refer for further information to the previous (2018) call webpage(notably to the text of the call and the terms and conditions of funding).

  • 2 April: Publication of the call
  • 31 May: Deadline for FWS and WG proposal submission
  • 1 June – 1 Sept.: Review process
  • Oct.-Nov. (depending on the scheduling of the SC meeting during which final decisions will be made): Notification of the results to applicants


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