13th International Symposium on Fossil Cnidaria, Modena, Italy – Sep 18

We are pleased to announce the *13th International Symposium on Fossil
Cnidaria and Porifera*, to be held in Modena, Italy, on *September 3-6,
For the first time organized in Italy, the Symposium aims to bring together
participants from all over the world to discuss and share the most recent
advances of studies on fossil corals and sponges, coral reefs and
associated biota. The theme for the upcoming Symposium ?*Looking back to
see ahead*? highlights the importance of the fossil archives to understand
response of the biosphere to long term environmental perturbations. We
promote interdisciplinary approaches from a body of interested
paleontologists, biologists but also scholars in other disciplines, and aim
to push new boundaries for coral science.
All the information and the following updates can be found also on the
It would be very important to have some feedback of your interest to
participate to the meeting *before 30 November 2018. *Please fill the *RETURN
FORM *at this link:
Save these dates in your calendar and don?t hesitate to forward this
information to other potentially interested colleagues and students.
We look forward to welcoming you in Modena!
Stefano Goffredo
via Coral-List