Call for contributions – Special issue on the “Molecular Biodiversity of Marine Invertebrates”

I have the pleasure to announce, and invite you to contribute to, a special issue in the journal Diversity on the
“Molecular Biodiversity of Marine Invertebrates”
Marine invertebrate species are numerous in the marine environment. They form hyperdiverse habitats, such as coral reefs, perform a multitude of interconnected ecological roles, and provide ecosystems services and
livelihood to humans. Contrary to previous conceptions that the ocean has no “boundaries”, it has become clear in recent decades that the genetic and species diversity of marine invertebrates is often highly
structured geographically. Understanding how this diversity is  distributed in time and space and what the causes are for (often cryptic) speciation in the marine environment are necessary prerequisites for biodiversity conservation and management in times of rapidly changing marine ecosystems. The purpose of this Special Issue is to showcase recent advances in exploring the biodiversity of marine invertebrates from any habitat,
longitude or latitude, using molecular tools such as DNA sequencing and/or genomics/transcriptomics, to further our understanding of the spatiotemporal dynamics of invertebrate species diversity in the world’s
largest three-dimensional habitat, the ocean.
I’d love to see your manuscript submitted to this special issue!
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If you have interest in contributing to the special issue but have difficulties in paying the APC, please contact the editor Wei Zhang <>.
She will consider and provide a range of potential discount options.
Submissions to the special issue are open from now until 31 December 2020.
Please share this announcement widely to anyone interested in the topic.
with best regards
Gert W?rheide
Guest Editor
via Coral-list
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