WeSea Video Series – The coral reef of the northern Red Sea: before and after the storm

The WeSea team is very excited to announce our new video project!
Join us for our webinar series which will be directly lead by researchers in the field of marine sciences! We will cover a wide range of topics from coral reefs, plastic, and even water sports. Interested in learning more? So come join us!
On May 1st we will be launching our first webinar titled “The Coral Reef of the Northern Red Sea: Before and After the Storm”.

We will be hosting two coral researchers specializing in corals to tell us all about the impacts of March’s huge storm had on the shallow reefs of the Northern Red Sea.

Meet our guests:
1) Jessica Bellworthy – a Ph.D. candidate, focusing on coral reproduction and coral resistance to climate change in the Northern Red Sea.

2) Dr. Yohan Louis – a coral biologist focusing on coral reef restoration in Mauritius.

Want to ask them a question? We will answer them in the video!
So please send us your questions on this topic by 23/4.

The video will be released on our Facebook page on May 1 at 15:00 (Israeli time). We will all be in the chat waiting to answer your questions and talk :).

Please share and stay safe!



via NANO alumnus
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