PhD Position in Coral Reef Biology at the University of Alabama

I am looking to recruit a student for a PhD position in coral reef biology
at the University of Alabama and Dauphin Island Sea Lab. I am a new
assistant professor within the Department of Biological Sciences at UA and
my research will focus on understanding what limits phenotypic plasticity
among closely related and ecologically relevant marine protists (including
the coral symbionts *Symbiodiniaceae*).Do specific species/strains possess
sufficient flexibility to cope with environmental change or will we see a
shift in where certain species are found and what ecological niche they
fill? The lab will utilize a combination of cellular systems based
approaches and physiological measurements stemming from field based and
experimentally derived samples.
I am looking for a highly motivated student interested in pursuing a PhD.
Importantly, while you will be a UA graduate student, you will be stationed
at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab just outside of Mobile Bay. You will learn a
broad spectrum of molecular and physiological approaches for studying
algal/coral physiology. We also build many of our own instruments and the
ideal student will have some interest in developing/constructing
instruments using low-cost and open source hardware platforms
If you are interested, please send me an email (
describing your research interests, along with a CV. I am looking for
someone who would ideally start in either August 2020 or spring 2021.
Kind Regards,
            Kenneth D. Hoadley
            Assistant Professor
            Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alabama
            205 W, Dauphin Island Sea Lab
            Email:; Ph: (251) 861-2141 ext 7574
via Coral-list
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