Master of Science in Marine Biology

The Northeastern University Three Seas
in Marine Biology Program is now accepting applications on a rolling basis
for Fall 2019.
Three Seas provides graduate students the opportunity to study marine
biology in three different marine environments:
1. *New England* at the Northeastern Marine Science Center (Nahant, MA)
2. *Caribbean* at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (Bocas del
Toro, Panama)
3. *Pacific Northwest* at Friday Harbor Laboratories (San Juan Island,
The program culminates in mentored research projects that students can
conduct anywhere, offering them flexibility in their research goals.
This is a unique opportunity for students to live and work in the
environments that they are studying and explore three diverse ecosystems
through field-intensive courses in marine biology and ocean science. The
program is *SCUBA intensive*, and *students complete an average of 70 dives*
over the course of 15 months!
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Interested in Three Seas? Email Andrea (Program Manager) at
a.jerabek@northeastern and *APPLY HERE
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