UniCOAST Summer School Ludwig-Franzius-Institut – UPDATE INFORMATION

In spite of the difficulties, which research facilities and universities face this year, scientific life has to continue in all possible ways. The UniCOAST Summer School concerning interdisciplinary
work in coastal research has been restructured to meet public restrictions, which unfortunately also means a limitation to European participants. Therefore, the admission process has been re-opened until June 15th and we want to encourage all interested researchers to reach out and seize this opportunity despite the obstacles that this summer may bring. We will continue updating our website concerning changes in the program and will strive for making this program possible with careful considerations of all necessary safety regulations.

We invite all young professionals and doctoral candidates to register by the new deadline. Needless to say, the admission fee will only be charged if the summer school can take place and participants are allowed to travel to Wilhelmshaven by then, and we would advise you to  consider short-term travel plans, since we cannot guarantee for the success of our plans. Below, you will find a short introduction to the program.

In coastal systems there are direct interactions between biotic and  abiotic elements of the system, which cannot be described and understood by exclusive consideration from one discipline alone. This is a particular challenge for young professionals and doctoral  candidates who still have received a predominantly discipline-bound university education.
In our summer school we want to help closing this gap by providing you with professional and personal tools to be able to act effectively in the interdisciplinary context of coastal research. With a focus on the  Wadden Sea region, we will provide insights into the basics of some related disciplines such as biology, ecological economics, sedimentology or coastal engineering in theory and will then put them into practise in field and laboratory practicals. Additionally, we address and reflect on interdisciplinary as well as intercultural aspects including forms of communication.

If you are interested in learning more about the different disciplines involved in coastal research and how they can work together more effectively, join us from 24.-28. August 2020 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. There will be an admission fee of 150 Euro associated with the summer school. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide travel funds.
To apply for the summer school, please provide your contact details together with a CV outlining your background and short (3/4 of a page) motivation letter.
You will find details on the programm and registration procedure on the summer school’s website
https://www.lufi.uni-hannover.de/summerschool.html .

Maike Paul and Achim Wehrmann for the organising committee



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