Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University – Butterflyfish dynamics – DL 30 June 19

Senior Research Associate: Behaviourally-mediated shifts in reef fish communities following severe disturbance (NERC funded)
Closing date: June 30th 2019
Start date: Oct 1st 2019
We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic ecologist to contribute to a project investigating how mass coral bleaching affects butterflyfish (Chaetodon spp.) behaviour and subsequently scales up to impact ecological communities. The project will develop ecological models and confront those models with primary field data. Data will be collected at established sites. Field work will involve two trips to each of three locations (i.e., six in total) over the course of the project to Iriomote, Japan; Anilao, the Philippines; Christmas Island, Indian Ocean. Each trip will last approximately two weeks.
You will become part of the LEC REEFS research group – a vibrant, friendly and growing team of >16 people seeking to understand coral reefs from both natural and social science perspectives (
You will have a background in behavioural and/or community ecology, strong quantitative and programming skills, and relevant experience in modelling, fieldwork, statistics, and writing publications.
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