Special Issue of Biodiversity

Coastal Biodiversity and Ecosystems in our Changing Climate


According to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the world’s oceans and coasts are highly threatened and subject to rapid environmental change, especially due to rising sea levels, warming temperatures and ocean acidification. Other threats to marine and coastal ecosystems include land-based pollution and eutrophication; overfishing, illegal and destructive fishing; alterations of physical habitats and invasions of exotic species. Over one million kilometers of coastline host important biodiversity hotspots and thriving ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangrove forests, salt marshes and sea grasses. Forty four percent (44%) of the world’s population live within 150 kilometers of the coast, and eight of the world’s ten largest cities are coastal. Human interactions coupled with sea level rise and global warming, are putting pressure upon coastal environments and the biota they support like never before. Many coastal environments are increasingly unable to fulfill their role within the biosphere.

 Biodiversity – a Journal of Life on Earth will be publishing a double special issue on coastal biodiversity and is currently calling for content related to the following subject areas:

 ·             Impacts of climate change – especially the rise of sea level and coastal inundation (including estuaries) on coastal ecosystems and on disease vectors affecting human health;

·             Human impacts upon coastal environments, namely via tourism, extractive industries, human habitation and commerce;

·             The loss of natural coastal protection owing to factors such as loss of mangrove forests and saltmarshes, coastal resort development, channelization and dredging, etc;

·             Accelerated shoreline erosion at high latitudes owing to melting glaciers and permafrost;

·             Impacts of sea level rise, warming temperatures and ocean acidification on coral reefs around the world;

·             Case studies describing the restoration and conservation of coastal ecosystems, including coral reef studies and coral nursery research.

 Related topics and position papers will also be considered. Please submit your manuscripts, abstracts in Times New Roman 12 pt. by 15 October 2016 to Biodiversity’s Managing Editor, Vanessa Reid (reidva@ A special board of editors will review the submitted manuscripts. Manuscripts in their final draft need to remain within 5000 words (plus references and figures). Publication of final papers will be subject to peer review.

 This special issue will be published in March/April 2017 both in print and electronic editions, available through Taylor and Francis Journals.

 Biodiversitya Journal of Life on Earth is published in partnership with Taylor and Francis Journals. Please visit the Taylor and Francis website for more information on submissions, subscriptions and to purchase individual articles and special issues.


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