Workshop on trait-based approaches to ocean life 20-23rd August 2017
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We are pleased to announce the third Workshop on trait-based approaches  to ocean life, taking place from lunch Sunday 20th to lunch Wednesday  23rd of August 2017. This event is on the verge to become tradition, and  it is the essential place to be updated on state-of-the-art in this  field. Previous meetings (listed below) have attracted a good mix of  empiricists and theoreticians, and covered a wide range of organisms  from microbes to whales, with a common interest in linking key traits to  trade-offs, biodiversity and ocean ecosystem functioning.

Invited keynotes:
Zoe Finkel:
Macromolecular and elemental composition of microalgae

Oswald Schmitz:
The evolutionary ecology of ecosystem functioning: Functional traits,
trophic interactions, and ecosystem nutrient cycling

Helmut Hillebrand:
Trait variability and environmental heterogeneity constrain community  composition and ecosystem processes

Frede Thingstad and Selina V?ge:
Can we constrain the ?everything?  in ?everything is everywhere??

The programme and themes of the workshop is to a large extent formed by  incoming contributions from participants.
The registration form includes the possibility to propose discussions
and break-out sessions.

The registration is now open ? submit your abstract here:

Deadline for registration is 31st of March. The registration fee is
6500NOK/~750USD and includes single room, all meals, and the scientific  program (5750NOK/~670USD in shared double room). Part of the fee (1000  NOK) needs to be paid in April, the rest directly to the hotel at the  meeting.

The venue this year is Solstrand Hotel, pleasantly located at the shore
of a Norwegian fjord, only 30 km from the international Bergen airport  and a similar distance from Bergen, Norway.

Welcome to everyone interested in trait-based approaches to ocean life!

On behalf of the Scientific Steering Committee,
?yvind Fiksen

Scientific Steering Committee:  Ken Andersen (Technical University of  Denmark), Andrew Barton (Scripps Institution of Oceanography and University of California, San Diego), Stephanie Dutkiewicz
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Tatiana Rynearson (University  of Rhode Island), ?yvind Fiksen (Organizer, University of Bergen and  Hjort Centre for Marine Ecosystem Dynamics), Agostino Merico (Leibniz  Center for Tropical Marine Ecology), Nicholas Record (Bigelow Laboratory  for Ocean Science), Chris Lindemann (University of Bergen), Jorn  Bruggeman (Plymouth Marine Lab)

Trait-based approaches to Ocean Life:
?        1st Workshop, Copenhagen, 2013
?        2nd Workshop, New Hampshire 2015
?        3rd Workshop, Bergen, Norway 20-23 of August 2017

?The trait-based approach to ocean life is emerging as a novel framework  for understanding the complexity, structure, and dynamics of marine  ecosystems, but also their broader significance. Rather than considering  species individually, organisms are characterized by essential traits  that capture key aspects of diversity. Trait distributions in the ocean  emerge through evolution and natural selection, and are mediated by the  environment, biological interactions, anthropogenic drivers, and  organism behavior. Because trait variations within and across  communities lead to variation in the rates of crucial ecosystem  functions such as carbon export, this mechanistic approach sheds light  on how variability in the environment, including climate change, impacts  marine ecosystems, biogeochemical cycles, and associated feedbacks  to  climate and society.?
From Barton & al (2016). Report on the ?Trait-based approaches to ocean life? scoping workshop.

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