4th Asia Pacific Coral Reef Symposium

The Philippines will be hosting the *4**th** Asia-Pacific Coral Reef
Symposium* with the theme, *?Coral Reefs of the Asia-Pacific: Working
together amidst contemporary challenges?*. The conference will be held
in *Marco
Polo Plaza Hotel, Cebu City* on *June 4-8, 2018.*
Early-bird registration is now open! Register on or before* February 28,
2018 *(GMT/UTC +8) to avail the early-bird rates.
The deadline for abstract submission is extended until *January 31,
2018* (GMT/UTC
Abstracts should fall under the following session topics:
  – Biodiversity and Evolution of Coral Reef Organisms
  – Taxonomy, Biology, and Ecology of Cnidarians
  – Coral Response to Natural Stressors
  – Adaptation and Acclimation of Coral Reef Species as a Response to
  Global Change
      – Ocean Acidification
  – Bringing Back the Giants: Best Practices, Management and Conservation
  Research on the Giant Clams
  – Coral Reef Geology
  – Coral Reef Assessment, Monitoring, and Technical Methods and
  – Exploration and Ecology of Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems in the Asia-
  – Connectivity of Coral Reefs and other Habitats in the Asia-Pacific
  – Emerging Trends in Coral Reef Management
      – Marine Protected Areas and Coral Reefs
      – Fisheries Ecology and Management
      – Citizen Science for Reef Management
*Also, we are still open for proposals for additional session topics and
A mini-symposium is comprised of invited speakers which will be given 30
minutes each to present his/her research. Only 4 speakers per
mini-symposium is required as to give time for further discussions which
will be facilitated by the mini-symposium organisers. Maximum of 8
mini-symposia proposals will be accepted for this event.
In contrast to the mini-symposia, contributed sessions comprise of oral and
poster presentations from researchers who submitted their abstracts under a
particular session. Oral presenters are given 12 minutes to present his/her
research and 3 minutes for answering questions from the audience.
You may send your proposals to the local organizing committee at
<apcrs2018@gmail.com>* on or before *December 31, 2017. *
Visit the website at *apcrs.org
more details on the registration process, abstract submission and session
*James R. Guest, PhD,*
*ERC Research Fellow*
*School of Natural and Environmental Sciences*
*4th floor, Ridley Building 2Newcastle UniversityNewcastle upon TyneNE1
7RUUnited Kingdom*
Source: Coral-List