4th Water Research Conference: The Role of Water Technology Innovation in the Blue Economy

Submit abstracts by 10 March 2017

Present alongside expert international speakers at the 4th Water Research Conference: The Role of Water Technology Innovation in the Blue Economyto be held 10–13 September 2017, in Waterloo, Canada.

Abstracts for oral and poster presentations are invited on the conference topics and should be submitted using the online abstract submission system.

The 13th IWREC Meeting will be hosted in association with The Water Institute, University of Waterloo, as part of the 4th Water Research Conference. When submitting your abstract for IWREC, tick the box ‘IWREC contribution’.

This international water conference, co-chaired by the editors in chief of the Elsevier journals Water Research and Water Resources and Economics and endorsed by the International Water Association (IWA), aims to highlight, discuss and advance state-of-the-art thinking and research to support the transition towards a Blue Economy, in particular the role of water science and technology innovation and the necessary institutional-economic enabling environment to foster sustainable behavioral change in current water use and depletion.

Speakers include:

Vic Adamowicz, University of Alberta, Canada
Roy Brouwer, University of Waterloo, Canada
Monica Emelko, University of Waterloo, Canada
Hiroaki Furumai, University of Tokyo, Japan
Peter Gallant, Water Technology Acceleration Project (WaterTAP), Canada
Peter Huck, University of Waterloo, Canada
John Janmaat, The University of British Columbia & Chair of the International Water Resource Economics Consortium (IWREC), Canada
Phoebe Koundouri, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
Alex Mayer, Michigan Technological University, USA
Wun Jern Ng, Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute, Singapore
Steven Renzetti, Brock University, Canada and Coordinator of the Canadian Water Economics and Governance Policy Network
Cecilia Tortajada, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Ana Deletic, Monash University, Australia
Arjen Hoekstra, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Reinhard Hübner, SKion, Germany
Tove Larsen, Eawag, Switzerland
Alex Money, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, UK
Jennifer Read, University of Michigan Water Center, USA

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