The Institute for Pacific Coral Reefs (IRCP <>) and the
CRIOBE <> (Centre for Island Research and
Environmental Observatory) will *offer four grants in 2017 to young
scientists *(PhDs and Post-doctorates, under 35 years old) for research
projects focused on the coral reefs of French Polynesia. Grants will be
available to both French nationals and foreigners. To support the
advancement of science in the Pacific, one of the four award recipients
will come from the South Pacific Islands.

The IRCP scientific committee, including several members from the Pacific
Community (SPC), will lead the selection process. *Each grant is valued at
4500 ?* (euros) and will support

*travel expenses to and from French Polynesia,
*and accommodation and research costs while at the CRIOBE research station.

Selected candidates will have 12 months from the time the award is granted,
to complete their research projects. Within a month of completing
fieldwork, the candidates will provide a preliminary report of their
findings. The successful candidates will provide a final report, including
at least one publication in a peer reviewed scientific journal of a high
standard, in the following year. The grant should be mentioned in reports
and publications under the name ?IRCP ? CRIOBE?.

To apply for the 2017 IRCP-CRIOBE grant, applicants must submit
*a CV (2 pages max),
*a research project (5 pages max including references),
*an abstract of research project (200-250 words)
*and a financial appendix (including estimated expenses ? 1 page max).

Please send all application materials to: or

*All applications must be received before 30 January 2017.*

Grant recipients will be announced 24 February 2017.


David Lecchini, associate director from IRCP

*C?cile BERTHE*
Communication CRIOBE
Laboratoire d’Excellence “CORAIL”
Tel : (+689) 40 56 13 45
Port : (+689) 87 31 05 54

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