Application deadline: April 30^th 2017

The research group for genetics at The Norwegian College of Fishery
Science (NCFS), UiT The Arctic University of Norway (in beautiful
Tromsø), seeks for a motivated, collaborative, and ambitious candidate
for a vacant permanent position as Associate professor in fish biology.

The position is expected to emphasize two or more of the following
research themes: 1) Biological and genetic interactions between
aquaculture and natural systems; 2) Biological and genetic effects of
climate change for the aquaculture industry; 3) Evaluation and assessment
of biodiversity in relation to area planning and sustainability of
aquaculture activities; 4) Conservation biology with focus on maintaining
local adaptations in aquaculture and natural systems/species. The position
is assigned teaching within fish biology, as well as supervision of
master and PhD candidates. The successful candidate is further expected
to contribute with outreach and dissemination, at UIT and to the industry
and society in general.

Qualification requirements: Doctoral degree in fish biology and scientific
merits beyond this. Experience within modern fish biology and within
fish taxonomy and diversity. It is advisable to have experience within
classic fish biology, an understanding of principles related to speciation
in fishes and experience with modern molecular taxonomy. Knowledge of
population genomic methods, the use of environmental DNA in studies of
biodiversity, fish anatomy and/or fish physiology is an advantage. The
applicant must have a strong track-record, documented ability to receive
external funding for research, and experience in teaching relevant

As this posting is a short summary of the complete job
posting, please read the full posting and apply via:…/associate-professor-in-fish-biol…

Kim Præbel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Group leader, Genetics
Norwegian College of Fishery Science
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
N-9037 Tromsø, Norway
Office: (+ 47) 776 46107
Mobile: (+47) 454 36415

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