In 2017, EuroMarine organises two distinct, parallel calls:

  • A call for proposals of activities (targeting foresight workshops and working groups in 2017)
  • A call for application for individual fellowships (the present call, targeting EuroMarine PhD students and scholars in their first post-doctoral position, to let them attend an advanced course of their choice)

The general terms of both calls have been preannounced on 14 Oct. 2017.

The launch of the fellowships call has been postponed from week 14 to week 15. Until the calls are actually open, please refer to the pre-announcement for details.

CALL CATEGORY: Fellowship applications
MANAGING BODY: EuroMarine, EuroMarine Young Scientists Working Group
OPENING: April 1, 2017
CLOSING: April 28, 2017
OUTCOME: May 10, 2017
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