Conservation Genomics Postdoc

Conservation Genomics Postdoc

Under the University of California, President’s Office Catalyst
program, a three-year award has been made for 1.75 million dollars to
establish a conservation genomics network among 6 campuses. The goal of
the program is to support research, develop new analytical tools,
educate graduate and post-graduate students via workshops, and
interface with conservation managers and planners as well as the
general public.

We have support for a two-year post-doc beginning January 2017 at the
University of California, Merced to work on (1) adaptation to seastar
wasting disease and (2) conservation and adaptation to vernal pools in
invertebrates and plants. We are looking for a researcher with keen
interest in conservation genetics and with experience in relevant
wetlab protocols and strengths in bioinformatics. The postdoc also
will liaise with other conservation genetics network members
( and assist
in project workshops and the educational mission of the program.
Interested researchers should have a recent PhD and contact After obtaining approval from the UC Merced team,
the post-doc candidate should submit a short one-page project plan,
including discussion of their qualifications, at…/hiring-postd…/.

More information is available at:…/ochre-seastar/…/hiring-postd…/
PIs for the projects are:
Mike Dawson -:-
Jay Sexton -:-
Andy Aguilar -:-

p.s. If you’re in Austin for the Evolution conference and are
interested in the position – Mike or Jay would be happy to chat …
(if not, drop us an email)

Michael N Dawson
Associate Professor
University of California, Merced

Michael Dawson <>

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