internship – Chromosomal inversions and Evolution

Location – Tjärnö, Sweden

We study the seaweed fly (Coelopa frigida), which has one of the largest maintained chromosomal inversions in the animal kingdom (10% of the genome). This inversion is under strong selection resulting in strong heterosis in most known populations (generally more than 60% of individuals are heterokaryotypes) and a cline in the frequency of the inversion from the North Sea to the Baltic. Our group is investigating the natural factors that drive this cline, the genetic causes of heterosis, and the genetic signatures of selection on the inversion.

We are looking for 1-2 enthusiastic and motivated young biologists for internships (2-3 months) with our group. Candidates should have some research experience and be able to work somewhat independently. Successful candidates will get experience with fly culturing, field collections, and molecular lab work. Previous experience in a molecular lab is desirable.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a stipend but accommodation and travel costs will be covered. Interns will be based at the Sven Loven Center in Tjärnö ( a research station with an international group working on diverse topics.

Candidates MUST have demonstrated proficiency in English by one of the following: 1. Coming from an English speaking country, 2. Having completed courses taught only in English, or 3. Getting the minimum result necessary in an internationally ranked English test (see…/Internationally-reco…/)

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