Job description

State Civil Service

Category: Category A (executive)
Nature of the post: Job open to permanent and contractual staff
Field / Job title: Environment – Coastal/Marine and Aquatic Environment Management Officer
Status of the post: Vacant from 08/12/2022

Description of the employer:

The Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas and Species of the Caribbean (SPAWRAC) is a technical centre dedicated to supporting the United Nations Environment Programme – Caribbean Environment Programme (UNEP-CEP) and Caribbean countries and territories in implementing commitments on biodiversity protection. Integrated into the DEAL of Guadeloupe, the SPAW-RAC is placed under the UNEP-CEP and under the supervision of French Ministry of Ecological Transition (MTES). It is currently made up of 3 permanent staff, a variable number of fixed-term contracts and can take on interns.

Job description:

  • Facilitate exchanges between the signatories of the SPAW protocol, experts and stakeholders on the protected areas and spaces sub-programme;
  • Facilitate working groups and networks, in particular the official “Protected Areas” WG;
  • Contribute to the organisation and valorisation of the SPAW protected areas network;
  • Organise and disseminate knowledge and promote good practice.
  • Work on capacity building of managers and management plans of SPAW protected areas;
  • The position is open-ended. Depending on his/her skills and involvement, he/she will be required to develop and manage projects on the various subjects covered by the SPAW protocol.

In this context, he/she will be required to develop projects and tools for the management of biodiversity, to participate in the organisation of regional events in relation with institutional, professional, scientific and associative actors from all Caribbean countries.

The project officer is placed under the hierarchical authority of the Director of SPAW-RAC.

Specific conditions of employment:

– Post number to be indicated on the PM104: E000001985

Campaign reference: M-2022-C00-CATA
RIFSEEP grading of the post: 4
This post is open to permanent civil servants and contractual agents.
This post is only open to European Union citizens.
The Project Officer will be provided with an office, computer equipment and the necessary fixed telephony.

He/she will be required to carry out missions in the countries and territories of the Caribbean.

Teleworking is possible under the conditions of the DEAL regulations.

Description of the profile sought:

Minimum 5 years of education (Master’s degree) and minimum 5 years of professional experience required and if possible related to the marine environment

Technical skills :

– Fluent English and French and if possible knowledge of Spanish;
– Expertise in ecology and in particular in the management of protected areas;
– Interest in regional cooperation

Cross-cutting skills:

– Good research, analysis and writing skills
– Administrative and financial management of European and/or international projects,
– Good skills in office tools
– Knowledge of databases and GIS
– Sense of organisation, rigour, method
– Driving licence

Interpersonal skills :

– Great ability to listen and communicate;
– Loyalty;
– Ability to integrate into an international team;
– Availability and motivation

Additional information

Géraldine CONRUYT, Deputy Director of the SPAW RAC: Tel: 05 90 99 46 37

Application procedure :

Send Resume + letter of motivation + completed PM 104 form (for French ministerial staff only) to
copy to;;

The deadline to apply is set to the 16th of September 2022

Further information can be found in this link.