PhD Scientific Researcher Recruitment – Hidro-meteorological and geographical data analysis (Lisbon, Portugal)

Admission Requirements

Portuguese nationals, foreign and stateless persons may submit applications to this selection procedure, provided they hold a doctoral degree1 in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography, or similar scientific areas, and fully comply with the following requirements:

  1. a)Demonstrated scientific experience (namely through joining research projects and first author publications in international journals) in the areas of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography, or similar scientific areas.
  2. b)Demonstrated experience (namely through first author publications in international journals) in geographic information processing and in manipulating and analysing datasets related with Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography, or similar scientific areas.

1 Please note that Degrees obtained in foreign countries need a Portuguese Recognition issued by a Portuguese high degree Institution, according to the Decree-Law nr. 66/2018, of August 16th and the Ministerial Order nr. 33/2019, of January 25th. The presentation of such Recognition is mandatory for contract signature. More information can be obtained in:

 Work Plan

The objectives of the work plan are to collaborate with the FRISCO project team in achieving the following tasks:

1) mapping hydrological connectivity in burnt areas, based on topographic analysis and remote sensing (task 2);

2) assess the impact of wildfires on water quality, through the statistical analysis of historical datasets, and relate it with fire characteristics: severity, changes to hydrological connectivity, burnt landcover, and post-fire meteorology, amongst others (task 3);

3) develop a post-fire contamination index, based on the aforementioned analysis, which can be rapidly calculated after a wildfire event (task 4);

4) develop a best practices manual for burnt area management, based on the results of the previous tasks combined with the application of a fire spread model (task 5);

5) project reporting and dissemination, namely writing scientific publications and organizing public seminars.


Place of work

Work will be developed at the facilities of Research Center cE3c – Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes, in Campo Grande, Lisbon, Portugal. It may also be performed remotely in part, in conditions to be defined with the agreement of the supervising team.


Contract Duration

The full-time indefinite duration fixed-term employment contract is expected to start on 01/06/2021, and will last until the Work Plan referred to in section III is completed. It will have an expected duration of 24 months, will not exceed the limits set in the RCD, including an initial experimental trial period of 30 days.


Submission of Applications

1.       The present call will be open from March 30th to April 27th, 2021.

2.       The application and all the required documents may be submitted in Portuguese or English.

3.       Applications will be submitted online, through the electronic platform of FCiências.ID (

4.       On the electronic platform, applicants will complete a mandatory section on Personal Data [name, address, date of birth, contact email, nationality and scientific identifiers] and upload files with the documents listed below:

i.            Detailed curriculum vitae – mandatory;

ii.            A motivation letter clearly demonstrating that the candidate has an adequate profile for the position and fully complies with the Admission Requirements – mandatory;

iii.            Up to five publications relevant for the objectives of the Work Plan – mandatory;

iv.            Digital copies of documents proving formal academic degrees (PhD) and/or other scientific and professional qualifications – original documents must be provided in case of actual recruitment- mandatory;

v.            Other documents that candidates consider relevant for the assessment of their scientific merit, including reference letters, or to declare the personal situation in the cases covered in section IX-2 of this Notice – optional.


5.       By decision of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of FCiências.ID, candidates who do not submit the documents identified in paragraph 4 will not be admitted to the call. In case of doubts, the Chairman may also invite candidates to substantiate specific data or statements with official supporting documents, before accepting the candidates’ submission.


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