Open position: Coordinator of Capacity Development activities – Deadline 21 May 2023

Background, purpose, duties and tasks

Within the context of the approved programme and budget for 2023-2024 (41C/5) and 2024-2025 (42C/5), MLA1, and in particular Decision IOC-XXX/11.1 (IOC Group of Experts on Capacity Development) under the supervision of Peter Pissierssens (IODE Programme Manager, IOC CD coordinator), and the IODE/OTGA project managers, IODE Project Office, with payments foreseen on a monthly basis and 12 deliverables (see ToRs), the Individual Specialist shall:

  • (i) Provide guidance and support in discussions considering the outcomes of the community surveys related to capacity development needs assessments at the programmatic and regional level;
  • (ii) Organize the 5th Session of the IOC Group of Experts on Capacity Development, October 2023;
  • (iii) Continue the implementation of the CD components of work plans of IOC’s regional subsidiary bodies with the IOC CD strategy, and with CD aspects of the IOC’s Global Ocean Science Report (GOSR), Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS), including liaising with the DCU regarding CD aspects of the UN decade of ocean science for sustainable development;
  • (iv) Sustain the extra-budgetary projects related to capacity development with developing/proposing project at regional and global level with special attention to the OIH and OTGA2 projects;
  • (v) Guide and supervise the development and management of the Ocean CD-Hub;
  • (vi) Coordinate NORAD funded CD activities;
  • (vii) Implement communication and outreach for IOC’s CD, including managing CD-related mailing lists;
  • (viii) Regularly update the IOC CD web site and generate, publish and share CD-related social media content;
  • (ix) Liaise with, and support the project manager of the IOC Ocean InfoHub project, with CD related content discovery, and the design, implementation and analysis of online surveys of CD needs related to the OIH Project;
  • (x) Liaise with, and support the implementation of the OceanTeacher Global Academy project, inter alia in the delivery of training courses, including the monitoring of teacher assessment and copyright compliance, alumni surveys, and overall OTGA course delivery and evaluation;
  • (xi) Respond to user queries;
  • (xii) Provide monthly reports on work progress;
  • (xiii) As directed by the supervisor, carry out other duties as needed.


  • Extensive experience in capacity development, training and education;
  • Demonstrable experience in development and management of online surveys;
  • Experience in the development of needs assessments (planning, implementation and analysis);
  • Minimum experience of compendia and the building of databases;
  • Graduate qualification in oceanography, marine-related sciences or a closely related field, i.e. BSc, MSc or PhD;
  • Project management experience;
  • Fluent in spoken and written English and some knowledge of French desirable, other language are seen as a plus;
  • Knowledge of the UN Ocean decade of ocean science for sustainable development and its CD component will be an asset;
  • Self-motivated and resourceful, with the proven ability to multi-task and prioritize multiple assignments;
  • A strong sense of cultural awareness and the ability to work with people from different nationalities;
  • Strong social and communication skills;
  • Ability to work individually and as part of a team.

Note: the consultant should be able to work from home with necessary computer equipment and highspeed internet connection available.

Duration of the contract:

11 months starting 1 August 2023

Your written should comprise:

(a) A Technical Proposal consisting of

  • an up to date personal curriculum vitae
  • a motivation letter indicating how your qualifications and experience make you suitable for the assignment and
  • an approach and methodology for the assignment, a workplan and comments on the Terms of Reference if any (in brief).

(b) The amount to be charged for the assignment, which should be quoted in US dollars or in euros only. Travel costs related to attending project meetings should not be included.

Your proposal and any supporting documents must be in either English or French.

UNESCO places great emphasis on ensuring that the objectives of the work assignment, as described in the Terms of Reference, are met. Accordingly, in evaluating the proposals for the assignment, attention will focus first and foremost on the technical elements. From those
proposals deemed suitable in terms of the criteria in the Terms of Reference, UNESCO shall select the proposal that offers the Organisation best value for money.

Your proposal should be submitted by e-mail no later than close of business (23:59-Paris time) on Sunday 21 May 2023. E-mail proposals should not exceed 5MB. The e-mail address is: with obligatory cc to:

It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that his/her proposal is received by the deadline.

Further information about this opportunity can be found here.

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