Exiciting PostDoctor position at the Institute of marine research – Deadline 15 December 2021

The Institute of Marine Research seeks a research fellow for a 3 year fixed term post doctor position with experience from habitat ecology, benthic fauna and predictive spatial modelling of benthic communities, within the EU Horizon 2020 project “Mission Atlantic”. Tasks include integration of benthic communities and functional traits in ecosystem models and integrated ecosystem assessment for the Norwegian Sea. Experience with habitat description, and spatial analyses and modelling of benthic communities, and environmental variables is emphasized. Participation in offshore field work in the Mareano programme is expected.

MAREANO is a national seabed mapping project that has been running since 2005. The goal is to map the seabed and provide baseline information on the seabed’s physical, biological and chemical environment. The mapping generates new knowledge for the continuing evaluation and refinement of management plans for Norwegian sea areas.

The position has a duration of three years and will be located in Bergen, as part of research group Benthic Communities.

About the research group

The Benthic Communities group focuses on research, mapping and monitoring of benthic ecosystems, from seagrass and kelp in coastal waters to coral reefs and soft bottom communities in deep waters. Research and monitoring will support our national advisory task on ecosystem-based management of our seas and coastal areas, where both climate and human activities are important factors. Marine ecological research is rapidly developing and collaboration with leading developers on new technology is central to our work. The research group currently has 35 employees with workplaces in Bergen, Tromsø and Flødevigen. This position will be in Bergen.

Responsibilities and tasks

Task and responsibilities lie in the projects Mission Atlantic and Mareano with focus on:

  • Mapping of benthic habitats and biotopes.
  • Benthic ecosystem functioning.
  • Predictive modelling of spatial distribution of benthic fauna, habitats, biotopes, NiN-types and OSPAR habitats.
  • Facilitate data relevant for Integrated Ecosystem Assessment.
  • Trait analyses relevant for Integrated Ecosystem Assessment.
  • Numerical and statistical analyses of Mareano data, especially on benthic production.

Qualification requirements

  • PhD in marine biology or ecology.
  • Skills in seafloor habitat mapping including collecting, analysing and output.
  • Knowledge in numerical and statistical analyses and spatial modelling.

We will emphasize:

  • Deep sea mapping experience.
  • Skills in predictive spatial modelling.
  • Skills in trait analyses.
  • State-of–the-art techniques for mapping, monitoring and video/image analyses.
  • Skills in analytical software like R, GIS, Maxent, Primer.
  • Experience from research and mapping cruises.
  • Publication in international peer-reviewed journals.

The working language at IMR is Norwegian and good communication skills in Norwegian will be beneficial for both the applicant and IMR. Language training will be offered to candidates without documented Norwegian B1 level.

Personal competencies

At the IMR we believe that personality affects how we work, communicate and thrive in the workplace. For this position we are interested in candidates who:

  • Thrives well in collaboration with others and at the same time works independently.
  • Have good communication and collaboration skills.
  • Work structured, solution-oriented and deliver with high quality.
  • Are concerned about a good working environment.
  • Likes to participate in cruises and field work.

Inclusion, Diversity and Affirmative Action

The Institute of Marine Research value diversity. Therefore, we welcome all qualified candidates to apply for the position, regardless of age, gender, functional ability, nationality or ethnical background. We are an Inclusive Working Life Enterprise, and we aim to facilitate for applicants with disabilities.

Upon receiving applications from candidates with reduced abilities, gaps in CV or immigrant background, we will invite at least one qualified candidate from each category to an interview. In order to be considered for affirmative action, certain requirements should be met. Please read more here.

If you wish to be considered for affirmative action, please specify when submitting your application.

We offer

  • Work at one of Europe’s leading marine research institutions with great social impact
  • A challenging job in a creative and international working environment
  • Flexible working hours and good welfare schemes
  • Good pension scheme through the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund

The Institute of Marine Research offers a government-regulated salary as 1352 Post Doctor, an excellent pension scheme through the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, and other welfare benefits (see https://spk.no/en/ for more information).

Applications should be submitted electronically via the link on this page and should be accompanied by a cover letter summarizing relevant skills and reasons why they are applying for the position, a complete CV, publication list, copies of maximum 5 peer reviewed publications, three references and transcripts of academic degrees.

Please note that information about applicants may be made public even if an applicant has requested to be exempted from the list of applicants. Applicants will be notified about this in advance.

The Institute of Marine Research value diversity. We therefore encourage all qualified candidates to apply for the vacancy, regardless of age, gender, functional ability, nationality or ethnical background. We are an Including Working Life Enterprise, and we aim to facilitate for applicants with reduced abilities.

For more information about the position, please contact Pål Mortensen (paal.mortensen@hi.no phone +47 974 64 151) or Frithjof Moy (moy@hi.no, phone +47 478 00 024)

To find out more, follow this link, or to apply by 15. December, click here.

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