Jeju International Marine Science Center for Research & Education of KIOST is conducting a short 6-8 minute online survey to collect the comments from potential participants in the developing countries for “International Marine Science and Technology Educational Program” of Republic of Korea.

Our ultimate goal is to make a comprehensive and sustainable international educational program under Korea’s Official Development Assistance (ODA), and launch a pilot program by beginning of 2018.

We would be very grateful if you can spend some time to complete this questionnaire and help us to spread this information to your friends and colleagues in the marine science community. The target of this survey includes students, researchers, technicians, professors, NGOs, governmental officials, etc. in the developing countries who are in the field of marine science and technology. Your responses is essential as it will help us to determine the direction for future International Marine Science & Technology Educational Program of Republic of Korea.

To participate, please click on the link below to access the survey:

The survey deadline is: July 13, 2016

****All of the comments, needs, and ideas received on the survey will be considered to the future educational program.
****Individual, institutes, etc. who participates to this survey could receive benefits when applying for the program (i.e. updated news, scholarship, etc).

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