Marine Molecular Geneticist III

Lynker Technologies, LLC has an immediate opening for a qualified
marine molecular geneticist to fill a position on a contract with the
NOAA Fisheries service.

This role involves supporting Lynker’s National Marine Fisheries
Service (NMFS) operations at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center
(NWFSC) within the Conservation Biology Division (CB), Genetics and
Evolution Program.

In this role, I will work with senior CB Genetics and Evolution Program
staff members as the main scientist responsible for curating and adding
to the Marine Forensic Voucher collection. I will also assists in
development and implementation of species identification assays of
rockfish species of interest. My responsibilities include coordinating
with the University of Washington Fish Collection’s staff to
identify, subsample, and enter the samples into the Collections
archive; performing DNA analysis and sequencing for each sample at 3 or
more appropriate loci required for accurate species identification
(e.g., ID of record); and curating the GEP’s local database,
submitting cleansed and verified data to public databases (Barcode of
Life and Genbank). For the Rockfish work, I am also responsible for
bioinformatics analyses of rockfish data and collaborates with NOAA in
preparing next-generation sequencing libraries for several species of

Your work will contribute directly to NOAA’s and the world’s
understanding of rockfish DNA, which provide critical inputs to the
management and conservation of these important commercial fishing

To be considered, you must meet the following minimum qualifications:
* A Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in a
related field of study with emphasis in molecular biology,
populations genetics, evolutionary biology, or forensic science or
a clearly related field and a minimum of five (5) years
demonstrated field capability and experience related directly to
the individual task order.
* Four (4) years of progressively higher graduate education leading
to a Ph.D. from an accredited college or university with a major in
a field of study with emphasis on molecular population genetics,
evolutionary biology, forensic science or a clearly related field
may be substituted for three (3) years of required experience.
* Extensive experience with genetic species ID of Pacific Northwest
marine fish species required.
* Multiple years experience with entering data into the Barcode of
Life Database is essential.
* Knowledge of voucher collections and their use in forensics is
* Experience with next-generation sequencing platforms and data
* Experience with all or the following tools:
+ Sanger DNA sequencing, high-throughput microsatellite
genotyping ABI3100
+ qPCR and TaqMan SNP genotyping ABI7900HT, Fluidigm EP1
+ RAD-library preparation, Mi-Seq high-throughput sequencing,
molecular cloning
+ PCR and RFLP gel electrophoresis
+ DNA extraction: various tissue types
+ Liquid-handling robotics: Qiagen BioRobot 8000, QiaCube, and
Matrix Hydra
+ Genetic analysis tools: CodonCode, Colony, STACKS, FSTAT
+ Satistical packages: SYSTAT, and R 2.15
+ Data management tools: Microsoft ACCESS, Filemaker, LIMS.

Please send your resume, list of references, and explanation of how you
meet the requirements above to
Let me know if you need anything further from me for the posting.

Elizabeth J. Tarquin
Director, Marine Sciences Division
Lynker Technologies LLC
(808) 747-3065
Lynker – a HubZone- and ISO-certified company

Liz Tarquin <>

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