Marine Science Officer position – Madagascar

Reef Doctor requires an enthusiastic and energetic person to join its active coral reef research, conservation, and social development team. You will be working alongside local subsistence communities and in collaboration with the Marine Institute of Toliara (IH.SM) at our research base next-door to the fishing village of Ifaty, on the shores of the Bay of Ranobe, Southwest Madagascar.

We are looking for someone who has a background (degree) in marine sciences ideally with field based research experience in tropical environments to become part of our Marine Research and Management team and help manage our science and volunteer programmes in the Bay of Ranobe.

The position involves hands-on experience developing and implementing marine research, conservation, and management initiatives to help protect severely degraded and threatened marine habitats (coral reefs, seagrass and mangroves) and support the local fishing communities (total population over 20,000) in sustainable resource utilisation. The candidate will be undertaking the standard duties outlined below with a focus on running the training of international volunteers, interns and students from the Marine Institute to conduct coral reef surveys and organise them in the running of specific conservation projects e.g., coral gardening and reef restoration, artificial habitats, seagrass assessments etc.

The candidate will working under the Head Science Officer and Project Manager alongside a core team that includes other international and national Marine Science Officers (2), Dive Officers (2), Community and Volunteer Programme Officer, Volunteer Programme Coordinator, Science and Divemaster interns (6), students from the Marine Institute (IH.SM), external researchers, and 4–12 volunteers (under our Reef Doctor volunteer programs) in a fully operational coral reef monitoring and community-based conservation programme.

We are looking for the chosen candidate to fill the position arriving in Madagascar around the beginning to mid-March or earlier.

This position is a 12-month contract with the possibility to extend thereafter



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