Panelists: Julie Angus, CEO of Open Ocean Robotics; Emily Charry Tissier, CEO and Founder of WhaleSeeker; and Anna Sanders, Product Development Director for Global Fishing Watch

Date/Time: Tuesday, December 13, Noon EST/9 am PST/5 pm UTC

Description: Existing and emerging ocean technology have tremendous potential for helping global MPAs address critical management needs. In this webinar, experts from three leading ocean technology organizations – Open Ocean Robotics, Whale Seeeker, and Global Fishing Watch – will share how their technology products can help MPAs and address questions from webinar participants. In addition, webinar participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences with ocean tech for MPA management via the webinar chat, enabling knowledge and experience sharing across global MPAs.

  • Open Ocean Robotics offers solar powered autonomous boats that provide real time information to protect the ocean – including measuring changes in the ocean to better understand the impacts of climate change, monitoring for oil spills and dumping, facilitating the capture of illegally operating vessels, and reducing the need for fuel-intensive traditional vessels.
  • Whale Seeker leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify and speed up whale detection – to accurately track whale populations in remote areas, help ships and ports reduce harm to whales, and support evidence-based creation and management of MPAs.
  • Global Fishing Watch’s platform enables visualization and analysis of vessel-based human activity at sea – for detecting IUU fishing activity, assessing the effectiveness of MPAs, determining priority areas for protection, and better understanding the response of fishing fleets to large MPAs.

This webinar offers a preview of the Ocean Technology and Innovation session that will take place at Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) being held in Vancouver, Canada, from 3-9 February 2023. Learn more about the IMPAC5 Ocean Technology and Innovation Session at Register to attend IMPAC5 in person or virtually here.

Webinar hosts: IMPAC5 and OCTO

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