Poster Submission: OASIS for a Clean Ocean Workshop -11 November 2021, Online

Please join Observing Air-Sea Interactions Strategy (OASIS) and SOLAS for a community discussion of how observations and understanding of air-sea interactions can support a clean ocean! This two hour virtual event will run twice, 18 November at 17:00 CET and 19 November at 02:00 CET. Register here.

The OASIS for a Clean Ocean UN Decade of Ocean Science Laboratory Satellite Event, will highlight the integrated air-sea flux (heat, moisture, trace gases, aerosols, momentum) observation strategies and their benefits to support a clean ocean, while keeping a focus on hearing from Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) and stakeholder perspectives.

The event will feature 3 themed sessions with talks and live discussion on the topics of:

  1. Impacts of Marine Pollution Hazards
  2. Techniques to Observe Marine Pollution/Hazards
  3. OASIS Strategy for a Clean Ocean

The workshop will showcase recent advances in integrated air-sea flux observation strategies in understanding sources of ocean pollution (e.g. influence of ship emissions, microplastics) and promoting a clean ocean. Specific topics include understanding atmospheric winds and oceanic currents that control deposition, transport, and fate of marine debris and other types of anthropogenic pollution (such as oil spills, chemical depositions with ground waters and river runoff, etc.) and OASIS observations that are designed to monitor variables reflecting the influence of pollution on biogeochemical processes, ecosystems, and on human safety and health.

There will be time before and after the formal session to browse relevant posters and TikToks (TikTok how to) from the community, socialize, and network with colleagues.

Please submit your posters here by 11 November 2021, and learn more about OASIS, and this satellite event.

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