Special Issue “Marine Ecosystems Responses and Sustainability in a Changing Climate” – deadline 01 Apr 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Marine ecosystems provide a multitude of ecological benefits and economic services to human. Nonetheless, these systems are increasingly being exposed to a broad spectrum of natural and anthropogenic influences, eliciting ecological responses often manifested in terms of changes in the marine biodiversity, species distribution and abundance, as well as variability in environmental conditions, marine production, and trophic energy transfer. Over the past and recent decades, human-induced threats including global warming, hypoxia, ocean acidification, eutrophication, marine habitat loss, biodiversity decline, and resource overexploitation have posed serious risks on the sustainability and capability of vulnerable marine ecosystems to maintain their integrity and functioning. Further, these threats are expected to exacerbate in the foreseeable future and, thus, underpin the need to further improve our understanding of how natural variability and anthropogenic threats will impact the various biogeochemical processes in the ocean which, in turn, could modify the marine ecosystem structure and function. Henceforth, by doing so, we can assist the ongoing and future efforts toward developing and improving scientific-informed and data-driven approaches of controlling/mitigating the marine ecological effects of multiple environmental and climate stressors.

For this Special Issue, we cordially invite papers focusing/working on the following research subjects/topics:

(1) Environmental and climate drivers of marine ecosystem variability;

(2) Observation- and model-based studies of environmental- and climate-induced changes in the distribution of marine taxa across local, regional, and global scales; and

(3) Contemporary and future states and responses of marine ecosystems to multiple stressors, drawing out ecological implications relevant to conservation planning and sustainable ocean resource management

Dr. Irene Alabia

Guest Editor


Details available at https://www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability/special_issues/Marine_Ecosystems


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