The JPI Oceans Action workshop will be held in Malta on the 21st and 22nd June 2023, and will be hosted by MCST, the public body mandated to advising the Maltese government on science and technology policy.

During the first day, scientists are invited to address the state of the art of the scientific support to the definition and assessment of GES, to present and debate the lessons learnt by the JPI Oceans Joint Action S4GES, to debate the different approaches and consequences of the scientific results on the implementation of the MSFD.

During the second day, scientists, policymakers, and practitioners are invited to address the state of the art of the implementation of MSFD, to reflect on the effectiveness of the scientific support to policy in marine challenges, to affirm the strategic role of the EU in addressing the blue sustainability as a global lighthouse, to identify what future actions can be implemented to fulfil the MSFD in an efficient and effective way.

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via JPI Oceans
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